À tout à l’heure

Angels Face

Apple Brandy Julep

Autumn Cobbler

Aviation Cocktail

Bermuda Bouqet

Beuser and Angus Special

Bobby Burns

Bourbon und Birne


Caramel Vanhattan

Casino Soul

Clover Club Cocktail


Courtney Riley Cooper

Crusius goes Mexico

Curaçao Punch

Dreierlei aus der Region

Duniette Cocktail

Dunkin Cocktail

End of Days

El Dead Presidente



Escorial & Tonic

Expatriate Cocktail

Eyjafjallajökull Martini

Fleur d’Ardoise

Frenchman Street Cocktail

French Pearl

Gimlet – Kurkuma

Hot Buttered Rum

Howling Winds


Jaguar Cocktail

Joe Buck

Julien Sorel (Variation)

Juniper an Ice

Lavender Mojito

Le Voyageur

Madeira Cobbler

Marguerite Cocktail


Martini – Dodd’s

Mary Collins

Masataka Taketsuru’s ChaCoMaCru

Mexican Turnover

Mistaken by Strangers

M.O.F. Stag

Mr. Hippers Millénaire

New York Sour


Paloma in Pink

Pear Sidecar

Penicillin Cocktail

Perfect Lady Cocktail

Piña Colada-Safari 2012: Teil 4 – Piña Colada Old Fashioned

Piña Colada-Safari 2012: Teil 3 – Sundowner: Der Anti-Mixologe

Piña Colada-Safari 2012: Teil 2 oder: ‘To the max’ war gestern

Piña Colada-Safari 2012: Teil 1

Pisco Punch

Piskajer Fizz

Prince Edward

Pumpkin Pie

Purgatory Cocktail

Rene Barbier Cocktail

Rhabarber Gin Fizz

Rhapple Smash

Roussillon Cobbler

Rum Collins

Rum & Port

Signed & Sealed


Silver Ball Fizz

Silver Gin Fizz – Kurkuma


Stop Touching the Monkey


Tequila Gimlet

Tequila Old Fashioned

Tequila Smash

Tequila Sunset

The Churchill

The drink of laughter and forgetting

The Empire Cocktail

The Grinch

The Moon Walk Cocktail

The Nixon

The Pioneer

The Third Rail Cocktail (No.2)

The Thirty Percent Cocktail

Tommy’s Rhabarber Margarita


Vatnajökull Manhattan

Vieux Carré – Teil 2

Vieux Carré – Teil 1

VW Cocktail


Whisky Mac

Williams Christ Superstar

Williams Sour


Ze German Daikiri

Zelda Fitzgerald

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